Martin Klubeck

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Martin is a recognized leader in Organizational Development – specifically Metrics, Vision Setting, and Professional Development Planning.  Martin has helped organizations design, create, and use meaningful metrics programs for over 20 years.  His ability to take the complex and simplify it makes him a highly sought after teacher and consultant.  His energy and concern for the success of others makes him a top notch speaker.

DontManageCoach Martin is currently the author of six books; “Why Organizations Struggle So Hard to Improve So Little: Overcoming Organizational Immaturity” (ABC Clio, 2009), “Metrics: How To Improve Key Business Results” (Apress. 2011), Planning and Designing Effective Metrics (Apress 2014), The Professional Development Toolbox (Createspace 2015), “Success Metrics” (Apress 2017) and his latest “Don’t Manage…Coach!” (Createspace 2017).  He is the President and founder of the Consortium for the Establishment of Information Technology Performance Standards (, Leader of the Educause IT Metrics Constituent Group, and a reviewer for Educause Quarterly magazine.  He holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Development from Webster University, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Chapman University and an Associate’s degree in Instructional Technology from the Community College of the Air Force.

Martin survived over twenty years of implementing the improvement-tool-du-jour, from Quality Management, to Quality, to CMM, CMMI, and most recently, Lean Six Sigma.  His experiences and full education provided him with a robust and comprehensive perspective on improving organizations.

Martin’s compulsion to help others has led to the creation of his company MK Knowledge Builders, a weekly motivational newsletter for vision setters, numerous publications, six books, and numerous presentations.

His latest quest has him teaching “Flash Classes” on active listening, wherever and whenever possible.