A Metrics Workbook

The idea seems simple enough. My publisher wants me to write a companion workbook for “Metrics: How to Improve Key Business Results.”

I thought, “hey, this should be a win/win.” Not only can it stand as a companion to the book, but I can use it when doing workshops and on-site consulting. It will have to be a good tool for working through the process – as a self-help tool; with or without a facilitator.


The main challenge is I can’t have blank sheets…like a page for “draw your metric picture here.” My editor rightly pointed out that no one wants to pay for blank pages – there’s no better deal than blank notebooks! Of course the other challenge will be wrapped around the length, but that’s my problem.

I’m a an “E” which means I’d rather do anything with someone than alone. Actually I’d rather do nothing with someone than anything by myself. So, I’m looking for anyone who wants to participate/beta test my ideas. I will walk you through the metrics development process and use our experience together to create the workbook. As I create the pages I’ll share them with you (to use and thereby test).

Anyone need help developing metrics out there? Want to try the processes defined in my book? Besides getting a pre-copy of the material that will make up the workbook, you’ll develop metrics that you need, AND I will mention you in the book (if you allow it) when I reference our work for it. I may even use our experience for one of the stories/scenarios.

Send me an email if you’re interested.

So, first come, first served (I can’t imagine I’ll get too many takers, but just in case…I need a disclaimer).

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