About MK Knowledge Builders

MK Knowledge Builders was born of a love of helping others succeed. Martin Klubeck has been in the Organizational and Personal Development arena for over 20 years. A love of teaching and serving has led him to create MK Knowledge Builders so that he can actively coach leadership and organizations to better realize their visions for an outstanding future. Martin is the author of three books; Why Organizations Struggle So Hard to Improve So Little: Overcoming Organizational Immaturity, Metrics: How to Improve Key Business Results, and soon to be released, a how to book for creating professional development plans.

Our Keys to Your Success:

  1. Embracing a “do-it-yourself” mentality
  2. Simplifying complexity
  3. Using Champions to overcome Organizational Immaturity
  4. Providing three foundational elements

Embracing a “Do-It-Yourself” Mentality

This simply means we prefer to make fishers than to hand out fish. You’ll find the answers you need on our website, in our books, in articles, blog posts, seminars, and webinars. No hidden agendas, no secret sauce. We just want to help you succeed. And we want to make the complex simple.

Simplifying Complexity

To enable the do-it-yourself mentality, we have to simplify complexity – take what is normally presented as a complex process, system, or program and make it simple enough that you can do it yourself and do it well.

Using Champions to Overcome Organizational Immaturity

We know the reason most organizations (over 75%) fail at attempts to implement enterprise-wide improvement efforts (like metrics, professional development plans, or strategic planning) and we want to help you overcome those errors.

MK Knowledge Builders is focused on helping organizations and individuals achieve their potential by embracing a do-it-yourself philosophy. In every offering MK Knowledge Builders seeks to give its customers the abilities to “get it done” with as little outside control or involvement as possible. What makes us different is we are teachers first, consultants second.

The 3 Foundational Elements


MK Knowledge Builders is committed to encouraging those with, or wanting to form, a life-changing vision to have the courage to realize those dreams. We accomplish this through helping with goal setting, strategic planning, and vision setting. Our weekly motivationals have helped many organizations (and individuals) stay on track with realizing their visions.


Webinars, seminars, consulting, and advising on the design, creation, and proper use of metrics. Martin Klubeck has been an acknowledged expert on using measures for improvement for over a decade. He has been able to consistently help organizations simplify the complexities with finding the right measures to tell the right story to the right audience.

Professional Development Plans

A straight-forward, simple process for the creation of a real-life, useable training plan for any position. For newly created positions, cross-training, back-fill, and existing positions. The system, born of over 20 years of experience enable organizations to plan for, hire, and develop strategically skilled employees.