Be a Superhero


A Super Power we can all have:  Finding the good in others rather than the bad.


Ok, not my normal vision-setting fare.  But I loved Wonder Woman and today another Spiderman movie hit theaters!

And, as a visionary, you need to leverage the good in others.  You have to find how your passion can ignite a fire in others.

You’ll need apostles – those who champion your call with equal passion.

You’ll need disciples – those who are all in to make your vision come true.

You’ll need followers – those who will give to your cause, either money or time.

You’ll get naysayers and unbelievers.  You’ll get enemies.

It’s all part of the landscape (It comes with the territory).

But if you can find the good in others, and the positives in their reactions to your dream, you will do better at making your vision come true.

Remember, you need others to make your vision come true – so use those super powers wisely!


2 thoughts on “Be a Superhero”

  1. With great power comes great responsibility!
    (With great vision comes lasix surgery?)
    With a great vision comes a great journey! Fear not the journey for it is to be embraced, enjoyed, and savored. With struggle comes satisfaction. With perseverance comes success.
    And every journey begins with but a single step.

    • I think you meant, “with Lasik surgery comes great vision.” Otherwise, you’ve got it! Especially the Spider-man quote (off to see the newest rendition in 30 minutes).

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