Building a Master Task List (MTL)

Thursday 2 Oct 2014, 08:00 am – 08:50 am


Except for Don making me “wear” a white-feather boa (he couldn’t find fairy wings – and trust me he tried), the presentation was a blast!  We were live online as well as speaking to a last-day-early-morning audience on site.  One of our attendees thanked us for making what promised to be a boring set of information into an entertaining morning.  

In spite of our shenanigans we covered a lot:  how to create a master task list, including assessing tasks in the context of the four key attributes: frequency, criticality, complexity to perform, and complexity to learn.  We even found time to discuss evaluation of skill levels – required vs. current.  It was amazing how much we fit in (even a few minutes of Q&A) given only 45 minutes and being cut short by the Fire Alarm.  

As Don said when the alarm went off, “We set the place on fire!”  (not literally) 

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