Free Audio Book! Don’t Manage Coach!

YES!  you read that right.  Our easy-read book, Don’t Manage…Coach! is avaiable on (or through Amazon).  BUT, as a visitor to our site, you can get it for free.  Just use the contact form (on the Contact Us page) and I’ll send you a code to download your copy.  This will be a limited offer, because I only have so many from Audible to share.  All we ask is that you do a review of the book on Amazon once you’ve listened to it.

The Professional Development Toolbox – Workbook

Right Click on this link The Professional Development Toolbox Workbook

and choose Save Link As and save it on your computer wherever you like.  It’s a macro-enabled Excel Workbook.

You will find the following worksheets in the file:

  1. Overall Instructions
  2. Master Task List (MTL) Worksheet 1
  3. Instructions for Attributes
  4. MTL Worksheet 2
  5. MTL Worksheet 3
  6. MTL Worksheet 4
  7. MTL Worksheet 5
  8. MTL Worksheet 6
  9. Training Evals
  10. Training Schedule

Analytics: Leaders Asking the Right Questions

See Video Clip from Analytics: Leaders Asking the Right Questions

18 April 2013

The most important facet to making analytics work is having the right questions. These questions should come from the leader but even the most experienced leaders tend to identify measures and data instead of starting (and staying) at the root question level. The leader needs to think “big picture” – especially when it comes to analytics. That means thinking in the abstract. This session will lead the audience through the process of identifying root questions and showing how this leads to macro-analytics.  Click for more information.