It’s hard to move forward if you’re always looking behind you

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”

― Henry David Thoreau

You may think that’s a flippant statement…that I am going to recommend that you “never look back” because you shouldn’t be planning to go that way. But, I find myself many times going back. Why? To apologize or right a wrong I committed. Yup…I make mistakes.

But for me the secret is that we ALL make mistakes. We all have potential regrets. And these regrets will side-track you as effectively as any of the distractions the demon of procrastination has come up with. Regrets eat at us and make us impotent. By impotent I mean; lazy, docile, resigned, defeated – unable to move forward.

So, please do go back – to right the wrong.

Remove it from your luggage (NEVER take your regrets as a carry-on!). Other than that, I’m all about not “planning” to go that way…we shouldn’t plan to mess up, or fall on our faces. We shouldn’t plan on being rude, inconsiderate or selfish. We shouldn’t plan on doing things we’ll regret. But when it happens (and it will because we’re human AND we’re pushing some really cool envelopes):

  • Acknowledge it,
  • Own it,
  • Own up to it, and
  • Move on

Remember Your Vision WILL Change the World!

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