Networking is a Necessity

The way of the world is meeting people through other people.

~ Robert Kerrigan

It’s not only the “way of the world” but it’s one of the major tools at your disposal for getting your vision to come true. That means being a “Connector” – part of your job as a visionary is connecting others…doers with dreamers, dreamers with other dreamers, yourself with anyone who can help your vision come true.


  1. Enlist others. You can’t do it alone – your vision is too big for you to make happen on your own.
  2. If what they want to do helps the vision, then get out of their way…or better yet, support them. They don’t have to be doing what you want or what you would do, or the way you’d do it.
  3. Share your vision freely. It should be the answer to the common question, “so what do you do?”
  4. Always look for opportunities to share your vision. If you’re living your vision, more and more opportunities will come your way. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to them.

Your job as a visionary is to Share It, Preach It, Champion It, and Connect It.

So, who have you Connected this week? Come on…you should be making new connections (either for yourself or others) every DAY. So, one per week is underachieving.

I ask again, who have you Connected this week?

Remember, Your Vision Won’t Change the World Without Your Help,


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