Our Services

The Master Key (MK) to MK Knowledge Builders is our foundational philosophy – we don’t provide fish, we help our customers learn to fish. We want you to become fully capable of developing your own solutions. Our primary goal is to help you so you no longer need our help. The more we can educate our customers, the more we can help them further their journey to organizational maturity.

We succeed when we help you succeed. We help you succeed by sharing the knowledge we’ve gained over twenty years of working with metrics, professional development, and strategic planning. We share the tools necessary to create a metrics program and develop the capabilities within your organization to build on this foundation. We don’t hide our methods or processes. We pull back the curtain, not only showing you how it works, but helping your organization become self-sufficient.

Our services are not unique or new. Many consultants use teaching forums as part of their service offerings. What makes MK Knowledge Builders different is that we don’t teach to supplement our consulting…we teach as our method of consulting. Our offerings include:

  1. Webinars. Webinars are good for providing foundational knowledge and introducing the concepts of Organizational Development. Most webinars though lack the ability to have real interaction (apart from posting questions in a chat window), use the customers’ own materials or allow the chance for attendees to practice skills. We use webinars only as a knowledge level introduction.
  2. Workshops. Our seminars range from ½ day to multi-day workshops. Each workshop strives to provide basic foundational knowledge and then immediately put skills into practice, which builds on that knowledge.
  3. Onsite training. The natural follow up to our workshops brings our expertise into your organization. We work with your subject matter experts-in-training to help them become skilled at facilitating the development of your programs.
  4. Books, Templates, Workbooks, and worksheets, blog posts, and discussion groups. Documentation helps us to continue providing assistance and updates. It also allows our customers to learn from each other. It’s a safe place to share problems, issues, lessons learned, and successes.

Our four focus areas; Vision Setting (including strategic planning), Metrics (using measures for improvement), Professional Development Planning, and Using Champions to Overcome Organizational Immaturity form foundation for organizational development. With Vision Setting we provide the pathways to sustained success. Professional Development Planning allows organizations to grow talents from within. Metrics provides the critical insights to where the organization has been, where it currently is, and if done right, where it could end up.  And Using Champions allows the organization to move forward with it’s improvement efforts even if battling with organizaitonal Immaturity.