Success Metrics – How to truly measure success in business and in life

Success Metrics (Apress 2017)

I’ve been helping many people and organizations (especially Boards of Directors) wrestle with how to know if they are successful or not. And not just year-to-year, but for the long haul.  When all is said and done, when we look back, how can we know if we were truly successful?  This normally comes in the context of finding your purpose and later determining if you have a Vision!  I have a (free) newsletter dedicated to encouraging visionaries.  So I was very happy for the opportunity to write this book for Apress.

From the release on Amazon:

Marty’s newest book from Apress teaches us how to measure success at the individual and organizational levels. The key is to measure and promote progress in terms of organizational vision, mission, and overarching goals.

Business leaders too often succumb to the working assumption that they only have to show shareholders and boards of trustees that they are turning a profit―the higher the profit, the more successful their stewardship of the company. Wrong! To truly thrive and endure, all organizations―corporate, government, small, large, nonprofit, or startup―need to define and pursue the underlying purpose for their existence.

  • Understand why you should measure success instead of performance
  • Understand what to measure and what not to measure
  • Integrate the measures of success to tell a complete story
  • Share measures of success with different audiences

I’d love to know what you think!

Conscious Business World Summit

Consious Business World Summit


Marty will be presenting on Measuring Success – how to truly measure over all success for your organization or yourself, in the Track including Mission & Purpose.

There will of course be other thought leaders, best selling authors and thousands of business pioneers from around the world sharing on the topics of:

○ Conscious Leadership
○ Creating a Mission Driven Organization (Mission & Purpose)
○ Building a Conscious Workplace Culture
○ Sustainability and CSR
○ Personal Development for Conscious Business

Its shaping up to be a wonderful week of inspiration and insights. See the full agenda here and sign up… good news… it’s FREE!


It’s always too soon to quit

Quitting means giving up.  Not following through, not finishing.  Granted, many of us have trouble putting polish on our efforts.  It’s more fun to start a project than to finish it.

I’m not talking about our propensity for not closing a final loop (like completing the paperwork).

I’m talking about giving up before you’re anywhere close to done.

Quitting is the easiest thing to do  ~ Robert Kiyosaki

I’m talking about turning your back on your calling.

Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul  ~ Douglas MacArthur

I’m actually NOT talking about you, because I know you are still focused on your vision.  I know you haven’t quit.  I just wanted to let you know that I noticed.  And others notice too.  By sharing your vision and NOT quitting, you are not only working to make the world a better place – you are succeeding.  You are an excellent role model for young and old alike.

Remember, Your Vision Will Change the World – and along the way you will be an example for many

Live long and prosper

“Live long and Prosper”

Our greatest asset is a bold vision

~ Fr. John Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame

Many times we think of our vision as a burden. A calling is not always an easy thing to live with. It defines us but it also drives us – relentlessly. Artists have experienced this for centuries – the compulsion to create. Lovers – lifelong companions have felt the pangs of separation. Having a vision can be a painful proposition.

But, having a vision is also a great gift.

We need to value our visions. We have to give them their due and celebrate our calling. We have to embrace the direction we’ve been given. It’s a great opportunity as well as a responsibility.  

I’m currently reading “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge and one of the major points is that to be healthy into our 80’s requires something I hadn’t expected. There’s the need for exercising (daily) and eating right. But to my surprise a major factor in our health (per the book) is commitment to something. Not a promise or relationship, but a dream…a vision!

Value your Vision. It’s a great gift.

Live long and prosper…and while you’re doing it, Change the World!

Remember, Your Vision Will Change the World,


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