Analytics: Leaders Asking the Right Questions

On Thursday, April 18th, Don and I were lucky enough to present at the Educuase IT Enterprise Leadership conference.  We had a great time and met some great people.  We only had 45 minutes for the entire presentation which translates to about 40 minutes max to convey key concepts and ideas around how to do metrics right. 

See video clips from the presentation!

Our focus was on how the Leader of an organization can help (or hurt) a metrics effort.  The Leader has a great and unique opportunity to not only set an example, but to actually “lead” the organization through the analytics effort.  In preparing what we wanted the leader to do, we quickly realized that there were as many things we wanted them to stop doing.

So we designed our presentation to offer “new norms” for behaviors we had witnessed.  The key points were:

  1. Finding the Root Question instead of building metrics from whatever data you have available.  This was the most critical lesson shared:
  2. When designing your metric, think abstractly first – come up with a picture of what the answer would be before you think charts, graphs, or tables
  3. Being “Data Informed” instead of “Data Driven”
  4. Remember to start (and stay) at the Macro-view instead of getting into the weeds

 Here is a 6 minute video summarizing the presentation:

Hope you enjoy the clips!