It’s never too soon to quit



It’s never too soon to quit a bad habit or an addiction. 

My parents were heavy smokers in their day.  They would quit occasionally, only to fall back into it again later.  From their example I learned that the only way to truly stop smoking was to never start. 

I succeeded with avoiding tobacco (and a few other vices), but I found my own bad habits, so I always have things to give up for Lent and to fill New Year’s Resolutions.

As a visionary there are a few habits we may need to quit. 

We need to quit distractions.  We need to quit pessimism.  We need to quit being satisfied with the status quo.  We need to quit making excuses.  We need to quit listening to griping and whining.  We need to quit doubting.  We need to quit being afraid.  

We need to quit letting those who tell us “it can’t be done” slow us down from getting it done.

It’s never too soon to quit the things that keep us from reaching our vision – or even slowing us down.  But the doubts, fears, and uncertainty which give life to those bad habits won’t go away easily.  Be ready to quit more than once. 

Being a visionary requires you to know what to do (on these – never quit!), and what not to do (on these – quit now!). 

Remember, your vision will change the world – it’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it!