Go ahead, get emotional



Vision is always accompanied by strong emotion. And the clearer the vision, the stronger the emotion.

~ Andy Stanley

Whenever I encounter a visionary, I run face first into a lot of passion.

Passion is the emotion of change.

Many times that passion is accompanied by other emotions – all very strong.


Fear is one of those emotions.

The fear which holds back visionaries. Fear of failure. Fear of stepping off of the cliff. Fear to take the leap of faith.

The fear which makes enemies of former friends. People you thought would support your dreams for a better world attack you. Strangers argue against all the good you want to do. Fear of change, fear that your vision will come true. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the well known.

Fear can infect your followers. Fear which makes some of them betray you and turn away from you.


JoyBut there is also Joy. The joy you will feel as you share your vision with others. The joy of living your calling. The joy you will feel as you start to see the light at the end of the long tunnel.

The joy of your followers who have been waiting for you to guide them. The joy they will feel of making a difference.

The joy of those who you will help. The joy of knowing that others care, that others are there for them.

A vision is all about emotion – because it is emotion which drives and sustains us so that we can do great things. We have all of the tools. We have the wisdom, knowledge, abilities, and fortitude. We are wondrously made and are meant to do great things.

Overcome your fears, and embrace the joy of change.

As Andy Stanley said, the clearer your vision (that’s your job to make it loud and clear), the stronger the emotions – for and against it.

Remember, you have all you need to change the world…make it so!

It’s never too soon to quit



It’s never too soon to quit a bad habit or an addiction. 

My parents were heavy smokers in their day.  They would quit occasionally, only to fall back into it again later.  From their example I learned that the only way to truly stop smoking was to never start. 

I succeeded with avoiding tobacco (and a few other vices), but I found my own bad habits, so I always have things to give up for Lent and to fill New Year’s Resolutions.

As a visionary there are a few habits we may need to quit. 

We need to quit distractions.  We need to quit pessimism.  We need to quit being satisfied with the status quo.  We need to quit making excuses.  We need to quit listening to griping and whining.  We need to quit doubting.  We need to quit being afraid.  

We need to quit letting those who tell us “it can’t be done” slow us down from getting it done.

It’s never too soon to quit the things that keep us from reaching our vision – or even slowing us down.  But the doubts, fears, and uncertainty which give life to those bad habits won’t go away easily.  Be ready to quit more than once. 

Being a visionary requires you to know what to do (on these – never quit!), and what not to do (on these – quit now!). 

Remember, your vision will change the world – it’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it!

Listen to your heart



Listen to your heart not your head

In Disney’s latest Tinker Bell release Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, my daughter’s favorite fairy, Fawn, tells herself to “Listen to your head. Heart gets you in trouble, head is your friend.”

Bad advice. And thankfully, advice she didn’t heed.

The head is full of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). If you listen to your head, chances are you’ll let your own negativity bring you down. Don’t listen to the fear-filled inner voice that tries to keep you from sharing your vision. FUD is born of the mind, nurtured and fed by the mind and is given power by your mind.

The heart on the other hand is full of passion, hope, and love. Listen to your heart not your head.

Head’s don’t set visions, hearts do.

Follow your head and you’ll figure out all the reasons your can’t make your vision come true.

Follow your heart and you’ll change the world.


Be afraid Be very afraid



The greatest dreams are always unrealistic

~ Will Smith

If I did my job right as a vision coach, you should be scared out of your mind.

You should be scared because you’re signing up for a life-changing event. Your life will never be the same if you pursue your dreams. And it shouldn’t be.

But it’s not just your own life which will change – the larger your vision the more lives you will change. The more lives you change the more you should be afraid.

And I know that many great people of our time have said we shouldn’t fear. Fear is an emotional killer. Fear is an enemy.

Yeah, but I know you’ll still be scared. It’s our nature.

But it’s also our nature to overcome our fears, to dream big dreams. It’s our nature to do the impossible. To change the world. We’ve done it throughout history.

So, be afraid. Be very afraid because your vision will change the world! But also be happy because the change you will bring about will make our world a much better place. Be happy, be excited, and be determined.

Remember, your vision will change the world

One Word Can Change Everything



All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.

~ Henry Miller, Author

OK, you’ll have to stick with me a little to get the connection between Jim Carrey in Yes Man and Miller’s Quote  (remember, I’m a movie enthusiast).

I watched, with joy, a friend of mine react to the realization that she was taking a large leap of faith.  She was changing jobs, changing careers, changing cities.  She was changing her life and she was rightfully scared.  Just as you will be scared when you take the leap necessary to realize your vision.

But her fear wasn’t the fear you see in horror movies. 

Her fear mixed with the excitement of the unknown, the joy of taking the leap, resulted in her being outright giddy! 

Love that word.  Giddy!

She couldn’t stop smiling while sharing how scared she was. 

In the movie Yes Man,  Jim Carrey becomes giddy with the realism that he starting truly living because he said “yes” to his dreams (of course he said yes to too much…everything and everyone – but hey, it was a movie).

Remember, Your Vision Will Change the World. 

It only requires you say “yes.” 

And yes it will be very scary.

But it also come with immense joy – a joy that will make you giddy.


Overcome your Fears


“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

~ Ambrose Redmoon

So, why aren’t you moving forward with your vision?

Is fear holding you back?

Fear of failure? Fear of rejection?

Are you afraid that you’ll be successful? If you are successful, the world – especially your personal slice of it – will change. And we know that change is one of our greatest fears.

Practical advice:

  1. Name your fear so you can overcome it
  2. List the benefits of achieving your vision
  3. Determine if the benefits are more important than your fears


Your vision will change the world, if you don’t let anything or anyone (including yourself) hold you back!



Put ’em up, put ’em up!


“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”

~ Sven Goran Eriksson


Fear of failure is more insipid than you may realize.

Fear paralyzes. Fear makes you either respond instinctively with a flight or fight response. Neither are good for a visionary. Fear makes us fail. We fail to attempt the impossible and so it remains so. We fail to attempt the possible – and therefore it is the foundation for the excuses we use for not trying.

Fear has helped the human species survive in environments and situations which should have destroyed us. But fear is the great dream-killer.

So, to succeed, we have to overcome our fear. We have to find the courage to press forward in spite of the fear.   We have to push the fear to the side, down, under our feet and then stomp on it.

Like the Marine’s say – they are the “Few.” Visionaries are few and far between.

It takes courage, perseverance, trust, and faith to be a visionary.

I know you have those qualities…remember, YOUr vision will change the world!