Maintaining Momentum – it’s easier than you think

“…the enthusiasm associated with the start of something never provides enough momentum to complete it.”
~ Andy Stanley

This is why your weekend project to repaint the garage never got done.  It’s why that model never got finished and the 5,000 piece puzzle is gathering dust on the living room table. It’s why you haven’t put in any time toward your vision lately. … Read more…

Stay on course

…People without clear vision are easily distracted.

~Andy Stanley

Do you ever find yourself “dropping the ball?” Forgetting to do something? Do you have too many “irons in the fire?”

I’ve written before about the power of distraction and how it is one of the best weapons of the enemy. The easiest way to keep you from doing the work you are supposed to be about is to distract you.

Distract you with lots of unimportant tasks. Distract you with entertainment – everything from movies to TV shows, to video games. Sometimes the distractions are insidious in their ability to look like worthy efforts. Distractions can come from loved ones, bosses, or new clients. It can be a good cause or a friend in need.

Sound harsh? There was a good reason Jesus said that you would have to leave your father and mother. I’m not telling you to ignore those in need or your loved ones…but you have to realize when you’ve been derailed so you can get back on track as fast as possible.


For you to make your vision a reality, your first (and best) option is to avoid the distractions that take you off course. And when you can’t avoid them, you have to
course-correct as quickly as possible. Which means you have to get back to the future.

The best counter-measure to distraction is a clear vision.

That’s why you have to be ready and willing to articulate your vision early and often.

Share your vision so your disciples won’t get distracted and lose their way.
Articulate your vision so you will stay focused and not lose momentum. Don’t just post your vision on your wall or mirror…you need to express it aloud. You need to share it.

Remember, Your Vision Will Change the World (if you don’t get distracted by everything else)

Hitting the Target may not be good enough

If you’re giving your workers “targets” to achieve each year, chances are you’ll hit the target and miss the mark!

How hard is it to NOT set targets for your workers? For some it’s extremely difficult. The problem is that the worker focuses on the bar you’ve set and not on the underlying purpose. You run the real risk that the worker will achieve the target but miss the point, and worse, not move the organization closer to the vision.

Ensure that the purpose is at the heart of all you do. That the vision is the basis for the goal and the target you are setting. When the question comes down to priorities and reaching a target, the vision should drive the choices NOT the need to check the box during the annual review.