Don’t Manage…Coach!

Thanks to the Lakeland Medical Office Association for inviting me to speak on 2/15/2017 in Benton Harbor, MI

Don’t Manage…Coach!

This is not an analogy…it’s a reality we can shoot for.

I was invited to do a 90 minute presentation on Michael Langthorne and my book, Don’t Manage…Coach!  What a joy!  There were roughly 70 attendees and we had a great time discussing the possibilities.  Not for “coaching” each other or trying out a new fad, but of truly learning from sports coaches at every level on how to lead a team.

High School, college, and professional coaches have been leading teams with extremely high turnover, varying levels of proficiency, and dynamic perspectives.  There are good coaches and bad coaches, but I’ll take any coach over a manager – any day.

The best part of the presentation was at the end when an attendee approached me and said, “I’m a new coach and this is great timing!”  And I, thinking that she meant she was coaching a youth sport, asked, “what sport?”  And she said “a team of X-ray technicians.”

I’m still smiling.