Moving forward requires movement

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IMG 8564 graceonly small

Our biggest regrets are not for the things we have done but for the things we haven’t done

~ Chad Michael Murray

No Regrets. I never have regrets for trying and failing…only for not trying.


The question isn’t what have you done that you regret…it’s what haven’t you done – because you WILL regret it. “Get ‘Er Done” Is a deeper statement than you might think at first look. You know your vision is your calling because when you ignore it for too long, you start to feel guilty. You don’t sleep well. You start lamenting the time you’re wasting…

Yes, wasting.

If you’re not working on your calling, if you’re not living your vision…what are you doing? Vegging on the couch? Playing an App on your smartphone? Reading, watching, or listening to nonsense?

OK, I’m not telling you to avoid all fun, free-time, or down-time. But I AM telling you that if you don’t follow your calling, you will regret it. You’ll eventually die unhappy. You’ll look back and regret not trying, not sharing, and not spreading your vision. You will regret not doing what you were called to do.

We learn from our mistakes…which means we learn by doing. If you are not living your vision, you won’t learn from the missteps, and you’ll wonder if you did all you could.

No need to wonder. You didn’t.


Remember, Your Vision WILL Change the World!