You can’t do that



You can’t email me your vision. Why not? Because you can’t email me your passion.



Email is a great tool for communication.  As is the telephone, Twitter, and Pinterest.  And you can do them all on the computer in your pocket.

But alas, you can’t share your vision via either.

Remember, your job as a visionary, is to actually share your vision.

And, your passion is how you share that vision.

No matter how good a writer you are, you can’t share your passion with the written word.


It requires eye contact.


It requires inflection, volume, and intonation.

It requires your unique voice flavored with your passion.


Remember, Your Passion for your Vision Will Change the World!

Size does matter



My 9 year old found the family bathroom at our regional airport “user friendly.” 

What I liked was that the designer understood the customer.  As a dad of three, I have experience with trying to help a little one use a grown-up facility.  Being a man, I always worried they’d fall in.

When you share your vision, you have to understand your audience. 

It’s not a one-size-fits all. 

Your vision is “what it is” but you can make it seem too large, or too small. 

That’s why your message shouldn’t be written in stone.  It doesn’t need to be memorized – by you or your apostles.  The message can change – the vision doesn’t. 

When you share your vision, your face should light up, your pulse quicken, and your eyes glisten.

Don’t change your vision – but do find ways to communicate how others can fit into your dream.

Remember, Your Vision Will Change the World

Motion isn’t Action



Never confuse motion with action

~ Ben Franklin

Too often we fool ourselves because we are too afraid to face the truth. Here are some examples that come to mind.

We confuse being busy with getting things done.

We confuse earning a paycheck with making a living.

We confuse our wishes with our desires, our goals with our wants, and our hopes with a vision.

You have to cut through the chaff if you want to find the wheat.

If you want to succeed at life, at your vision, at changing the world you have to cut through what confuses you. You have to focus, with laser-like precision on where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

Don’t settle for being busy. Do something meaningful. Do something that gets you closer to realizing your vision – to changing the world.

Don’t settle for making a paycheck. Make your passion your focus.

Don’t settle for dreaming. Work to make your dreams come true.

Remember, your vision will change the world!


Seed a Dream

seed a dream

And watch what grows!

seed a dream

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the greatest gifts you can give to another is to encourage their dreaming. Plant some seeds, water, and feed.  You’ll be amazed at how the dream sprouts from the ground and grows.

Plant Seeds

One of our defining characteristics as humans is the ability to dream of a better future. We hope. We want. Help others find the courage to dream of a better future. For the world, for others, or just for themselves. Especially encourage youth to dream and dream big.

Water and feed

How do you react when you hear someone else’s vision? Usually I find that because I have a vision, I’m excited to hear about someone else’s. It’s like finding a kindred spirit or a member of a club. Of course, you could be jealous or critical. You could feel competitive (“my vision is more important than yours”) but that would mean you’ve missed the point of all of these messages.

When you encounter someone else’s dream start by listening. Then absorb. Absorb their passion and let it wash over you. Let it consume you a little. Now smile.

The rest will come naturally.

Giving someone else a dream can be life-saving gift. Plant the seed. Water and feed it so it grows.

Do you know someone who could use your encouragement? Do you know someone who could benefit from this newsletter? Is there someone you should be writing today? Calling right now?

Share more than your vision – share your passion.