Tough Love


If you try,
you risk failure.

If you don’t,
you ensure it.

~ Author Unknown

 Tough love means being honest, sometimes brutally honest. But the key to it is we’re honest through our love. That’s why we’re not brutally honest with strangers, acquaintances, or colleagues. We don’t have the relationship necessary to be totally honest.

We worry about political correctness and hurting someone’s feelings.

Oh, we can hurt a loved-one’s feelings too, but both of us know there is love behind it, so we have faith that the message is meant to help and not hurt.

Sometimes that tough love is given while looking in the mirror.

I’ve had to do that with myself more than once, and the conversation isn’t any easier because I’m the only one involved.

Are you holding back from sharing your vision? Are you procrastinating, hiding behind your current life, or making excuses? Do you need to have a brutally honest conversation with yourself?

Remember, Your Vision Will Change the World – but only if you share it and live it.


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