You can’t do that



You can’t email me your vision. Why not? Because you can’t email me your passion.



Email is a great tool for communication.  As is the telephone, Twitter, and Pinterest.  And you can do them all on the computer in your pocket.

But alas, you can’t share your vision via either.

Remember, your job as a visionary, is to actually share your vision.

And, your passion is how you share that vision.

No matter how good a writer you are, you can’t share your passion with the written word.


It requires eye contact.


It requires inflection, volume, and intonation.

It requires your unique voice flavored with your passion.


Remember, Your Passion for your Vision Will Change the World!

1 thought on “You can’t do that”

  1. Well said (written)?!
    I have been advocating face to face contact over email for years! People tend to be less adversarial in person and the results are always more productive!
    Keep up this good work!!

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